Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Barca 4 - 0 AC Milan

This game hurt us , it hurt us very badly. I sat on my lounge so excited for this epic event, I had gotten less than 3 hours sleep for this. Within the first ten seconds Milan had conceded the ball to a throw in. I just knew right then, we weren't going to have a fun time. Barca immediately had us pressed back in defense fighting for our lives and within 5 minutes had played ping pong pass to Messi who snapped in an opening goal. OUCH! I knew this was going to be ugly then. I watched as Milan nervous and scared were pushed further back and every time they had the ball were swarmed by Barca players. Cruelly after El Shaarawy came so close for a goal on the counter, Messi returned another against Milan.

The second half was just more of the same pain. Milan were stuck in their own half, taking a beating and were lucky to even string together a few passes. Villa opened the half through running onto a superb ball by Xavi and thrusting the ball into the back of the net. Milan looked truly defeated then. The rest of the half was more of the same of the Barca domination, though Milan did look much more lively when Robinho came onto the field.

Final Thoughts
*Milan put far to much pressure on their defence and forwards. Only one play maker in the midfield currently and that is Montolivo
*Our defense did not trust the midfield to keep the ball and were passing directly to the forwards
* Milan fans have to be patient, there were so many inexperienced players yet we almost defeated the greatest club side ever.
* Misses from Niang & El Shaarawy can only make those two players more hungry

Milan's Best
*This was really hard as I felt very few players really stood out
3.Montolivo : Was the ONLY effective midfield player who tried to CREATE anything
2.Mexes : A very controversial choice I know, but from what I saw he was under immense pressure all game and seemed to be making the most tackle,laying the most pressure and was helping play the ball out.
1.Abbiati: Two quality saves and two goals he could do nothing about. He was as good as he was ever going to be tonight.

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