Sunday, March 17, 2013

Aftermath of Barca Elimination and What Milan Must Do Now

Ouch, that hurt. The loss to Barca was as harsh as they come. I really came into this match expecting us to be able to pull off a miracle and knock them out ! I sat on my lounge so excited for this epic event, I had gotten less than 3 hours sleep for this. Within the first ten seconds Milan had conceded the ball to a throw in. I just knew right then, we weren't going to have a fun time. Barca immediately had us pressed back in defence fighting for our lives and within 5 minutes had played ping pong pass to Messi who snapped in an opening goal. OUCH! I knew this was going to be ugly then. I watched as Milan nervous and scared were pushed further back and every time they had the ball were swarmed by Barca players. But enough about how much Barca punished us.

I am hoping for from this outcome the young Milan players are hungry & determined. Both Niang & El Shaarawy missed crucial one on one shots that could have easily turned the tide our way when the game was in it’s youth. Now hopefully looking back on those mistakes, they can see how close they came to greatness and how important they are to the team.  Super Mario must have been spewing having to miss out on this tie,  this is the kind of big match he would have loved and loss of a proper CF was evident. De Sciglio  will only come out harder having seen himself be out casted to the bench in such an important tie. Robinho however looked like a new man and will hopefully come out charging against future Serie A opposition like that.

Evidently Milan can no longer field more defensive midfielders than offensive . They are the only big club in the world who are happy to field Muntari,Traore& Flamini all together in a midfield trio which clogs themselves up and creates nothing for the strikers. Montolivo is a superb passer but he needs support. To make matters worse that really only Muntari shows any attacking capacities at all whilst Flamini & Traore are both only really in the rotation until Nigel De Jong comes back. Nigel was such a beast earlier in the season and is the proper defensive midfielder we need.  After this season however, along with the new kids coming along, I would love to see us purchase a quality offensive player maker  to help relieve the pressure off Montolivo.

Milan can’t falter now, they have been undefeated for 2013 in Serie A and are only three points above the Viola despite their recent dominance. Worse  part is, the Rosseneri have perhaps one of the most hardest fixtures coming up towards the end of the season with April having 3 of the top 6 in direct clashes.  Milan can’t afford to falter now.  Losing third spot would be detrimental for the club right now and with a proud European history such as theirs this would be far beyond unacceptable.

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