Sunday, March 17, 2013

AC Milan 2 - 0 PALERMO

This was not a pretty game. But then again this was just  a recovery game for Milan. The Rosseneri just needed a win and three points after their clash with Barca midweek which left them heartbroken & humiliated.

Milan led the early attacking and in the first ten minutes Balotelli was pushed over inside the box and then converted a great penalty.  This put Milan up on the perfect cushion. Palermo without a win in their past 14 matches then took the fight to the Rosseneri . El Shaarawy later on again found himself connected through Prince Boateng pass , unmarked in the box but only to have his shot blocked on it’s way to goal. Milan then started to take possession but could find little to with it and lacked the final stroke.
The Rosanero came straight at Milan after the break with a high pressing break forcing Milan to make silly mistakes.  However  Niang  drilled the ball into a low cross which hit  a defender whom passed the ball back to a seemingly under pressure keeper who himself could only manage to parry the ball onto and oncoming Super Mario whom humped it in from inside the six-yard box. Palermo then demoralised sat back and Milan rode out the victory.

Final Thoughts
*El Shaarawy desperately needs a rest , his playing far too much for his first proper season and looks the part
*Flamini is a riot on the field and Traore should be in the TV show "Lost".
*The attack is isolated from a midfield where only one player links up to them regularly , which is why I stressed in “” that we need another playmaking midfielder desperately.
*Prince needs to lift for the smaller games as well, looks like at the moment he only turns up for the all important big games

Milan’s Best
3.Super Mario: Made himself a big target and was always trying to create something in the box and was the spark plug for Milan’s performance tonight.
2.Montolivo: The only man in the red & black jersey who consistently found his target. Spent most of the match cleaning up after his fellow midfielders mistakes.
1.De Sciglio: Ran up & down the flank all game and may have not have produced as many crosses as he used to but covered the CBs brilliantly.

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